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Here are 5 details to consider when creating an extraordinary guest experience for your wedding day.

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What do guests remember most from a wedding?

It’s a question that’s been on my mind lately as I get to see and be a part of so many special days. Of course, as a wedding caterer and chef, I might be biased when I say that food can be the most important part of creating an extraordinary guest experience, but I’m not the only one! Kristin from a recent Wedding Wire forum is a frequent wedding guest and had this to say, “Food is really important to me. I’ve been to over 20 weddings, and one thing I always seem to remember is what I ate and if it was good.” So, this did get me wondering what else (besides food) do wedding guests care about?

Here are the top 5 details to consider when giving your Guests an event to remember!

1. VENUE – Choosing the perfect location that matches your vision but also accommodates your guest’s needs can go a long way for them. Don’t forget to keep in mind some simple things like parking, size, and hotel accommodations. You will get extra credit from your wedding guests if you can provide them with a breathtaking view. Check out the stunning mountain view below.

Double Diamond X Ranch- Cody, Wyoming https://www.ddxranchwyoming.com/weddings

Pro-tip – Make sure you have a plan B option for your outdoor soiree. Weather is unpredictable, but having an indoor backup will keep the event running smoothly (and warm and dry)!

2. MUSIC & DANCING- Not only does the music help set the mood, but a great DJ will help set the flow of the event and keep the guests entertained and dancing all night. My deciding factor on an excellent event DJ is if I’m fighting to keep from dancing while cooking!

Pro-tip: make sure to seat your older Guests farther away from the DJ booth if you choose to do assigned seating.

3. BEVERAGES- According to the Wedding Wire Newlywed Report, 76% of weddings have an open bar. This detail is simple, keep your guests happy and the drinks flowing. Is budget an issue? Offer coffee and tea selections or a specialty ‘mocktail’ or ‘cocktail’ for your guests while the rest of the drinks are cash bar!

Pro-tip- Make sure your caterer provides ice water at EVERY table. This simple and often free service will keep your guests happy and hydrated.

4.   ENTERTAINMENT – A photo booth is a go-to, but how about a fortune teller or wine tasting? Giving your wedding guests a little extra something special to entertain themselves will be memorable and stand apart from every other wedding of the season.

Pro-tip- Make it a point to include extra entertainment that speaks to you and your unique tastes. Love Harry Potter? Hire that magician!

5.   FOOD – Guests will love curated menus unique to you and your family traditions. Check out our latest customized creations here for an example (and don’t forget to give us a like).

Another tip- make sure the food is a focus and that it is different and fun. Wedding guests will love interactive food stations (think a street taco bar, heavy apps, or a signature dessert) and, of course, those late-night snacks.

Pro-tip- Ask your caterer to make your favorite or memorable family recipes dish to make your menu as special as possible.

What about you? What would you like your guests to remember most from your wedding?

There is so much planning that goes into making every last detail perfect, but don’t forget about what will keep your guests gushing over your event for years to come!

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“Working with Danielle and her team for our wedding was a truly effortless experience. She was so prompt through the entire process of responding to all of our questions. She made extra efforts across the board- from tastings for friends, to scouting our venue beforehand to lay out a plan. There is so much to worry about with planning a wedding, especially if you’re planning it yourself, and working with Danielle wasn’t something I had to be concerned about for a moment. Her entire team was warm, thoughtful and professional. Plus the food was absolutely delicious! I would highly recommend Hickory Street Catering.”

Genevieve and Christopher

Seattle WA

"You make the best burgers in NW Wyoming. For our catered event we decided we “needed” hamburger and cheeseburger sliders. They were very popular. All of the food for our 50 guests was delicious and attractively presented. We requested a special family dish that was made using our recipe. Danielle was the one to suggest that, since it was a memorial and she/we wanted the event personalized. We had the option to serve ourselves and the delivery staff dressed professionally, set the food up quickly and quietly, then exited as the memorial program continued in the front. Hickory Street works hard to accommodate the clients’ requests and she keeps in touch as the plans are being finalized. We highly recommend Hickory Street for your special events."

Marsha N.

Powell WY

“Hickory Street recently catered the luncheon reception of my father’s funeral. I’ve been to and planned parties around the world and Danielle is first class!! My HIGHEST recommendation for this catering service!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐

J. Daugherty

Atlanta, GA

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