Where It All Began

On a short little road at the edge of small town Minnesota, stood a little brown house with an old yellow ford in the garage and giant Christmas lights that stayed up all year long. It was here that a tradition of baking from scratch, sewing by hand, and showing love through cooking was shared with family and neighbors by a sweet lady named Selma (pictured).

Hickory Street, LLC is named after that short road where my love for all things handmade and homemade began. Sharing this love and honoring my family traditions is the inspiration and driving force behind this new adventure. Our inspiration comes from Great Grandparents whose love, wisdom and recipes hold a special place in the heart. With the help of friends, family and fellow foodies, I hope to share the lost art of homemade with you and yours.

Where we are today

Hi! If I haven’t already said so, my name is Danielle Dearcorn (that’s me on the right with my cute little fam). I am the owner and self-taught chef of Hickory Street, LLC. Food, creativity and art are my passions that I try to bring together every chance I get. I’d love to bring them together for you, whether it’s at your dining room table or your next big life event!

I hope to be able to meet and serve you soon…

<3 – Danielle

Planning Your Event

Just Got


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